Recipe Development/Testing/Editing

Need recipes to accompany your magazine article?  Not sure if a recipe performs consistently?  Struggling to transfer a chef's recipe into a reader-friendly format?  AEC can help.


Autumn Delight Trail Mix Brittle, Courtesy of Tropical Foods


Espresso Toffee Crunch Doughnuts with Black Tea Latte Filling, Courtesy of S&D Coffee and Tea

Product Testing

Let AEC give your product instructions a final review before going to print.   Concise and actionable feedback will be provided so that you can invest in packaging with confidence.

Secondary Culinary Research

Need culinary-focused information to support a project but research is not your niche?  Leverage AEC, so that you can focus on your strengths.

Food Writing

Need fresh culinary articles to include in your publication?  AEC will be happy to assist while honoring your established style guides. 

Event Hosting or Moderating

A knowledgeable culinarian with a knack for project management...that's what you get when you leverage AEC to moderate your food event.    Let AEC engage your audience and help you meet your conference objectives.