So when an 11-year old is tasked with supporting the dietary decisions of a Rastafarian sister in the home of a diehard Southern mother, what is a kid to do?  Learn to cook!

Ashley E. Cummings, or AEC for the cool kids, has centered her entire career around food.  With experience in all aspects of food service management and corporate consumer communications with food industry leaders, Ashley has a broad perspective about food as a whole.

Ashley's passion for food has taken her all around the world.  Fabricating beef hearts in Peru...making dumplings in Taiwan...slow cooking feijoada in Brazil...Ashley is never afraid to tackle new culinary challenges.  With degrees in nutrition and culinary arts, Ashley truly has the holistic background needed to tackle the culinary challenges of her clients as well.

Machu Picchu 2013

Cristo Redentor, Brazil 2013

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan 2012

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